Will you be my tribe?

“Plenty of people will think you’re crazy, no matter what you do. Don’t let that stop you from finding the people who think you’re incredible—the ones who need to hear your voice, because it reminds them of their own. Your tribe. They’re out there. Don’t let your critics interfere with your search for them.” – V Tugalev

The other day I was quietly drinking my tea just thinking about what matters most to me: my family; my tribe.

Because of life that happened I’m part of a blended family. I’m the mom, a professional individualist that kept my maiden name. My husband and I married six years ago, making him an instant dad of three boys from a previous marriage. So, between us we have three different surnames (to much administration frustration). Adding to this already busy, peculiar bunch, we recently adopted a baby girl and so added another title – interracial.
I have friends that are just so deeply part of my life that it’s difficult not think of them as family. Oh, and let’s not forget our fur babies – also family!

The point is that your family is not necessarily the people you share blood, a genealogy, a surname with. It’s the people you share your life with.

They become your family by choice, your tribe.

I’m Venice Kruger, Real Life Editor of BLOSS, and I want you to become part of my tribe.

Photo by Bino Storyteller on Unsplash.

Venice Kruger
Venice Kruger

Business Development Specialist

Venice Kruger is a business consultant and serial entrepreneur with a specialty focus on media, the beauty and fashion industry. After two decades in this industry, she is still passionate about making a difference in business every day, and believes that the best opportunities have not been met yet.

  1. Hi Venice,
    Well you know our answer, we are so part of this tribe, we are proud #blosstribe!

    Bestest regards
    Martin & Yolande

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